How Can I Do This And What Does It Do?

So, I was looking at the Basic Admin Essentials configuration script (By @TheFurryFish btw) and I saw that they use something awesome and it looks really neat.

local Configuration = {
	['Loader ID'] = 563619835,

I was wondering, how I can replicate this to make my configuration script look neater as well!

I was also wondering, how can I use it? :thinking:

Help would be appreciated! Thanks :smiley:

This question is unclear. Are you asking how to use tables? You should be more specific. What is this “something” that is “awesome” and “really neat”?

What is “this” that you want to replicate?

I was wondering, what is;

local Configuration = {
	['Loader ID'] = 563619835,

And how could I use this in my script?

(I Only Know Arrays)

That is just a table with a dictionary part. The key is a string "Loader ID" mapped to the number 563619835. You can read the key’s value by doing Configuration["Loader ID"]

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Thanks! That’s legit all I needed to know :rofl: