How can I do this...?

Hi developers! I hope you are doing very very well. Today I’m here because I was wondering on how to fix a certain problem.

So as you know, to make R15 bodies you need to make 15 limbs, so this presents a problem for a kind of intermediate modeller on blender; because each time when I try to divide the limbs into a R15 structure it gives the model this kind of bubble effect.

This is what I mean:

Arm model with no R15 structure:

model with R15 structure:

As you see this model ends up having a different aspect, and I was wondering if there was a way of dividing the limbs into a R15 proportion without changing completely the aspect and the image of the model.

(I use subdivision surface)

Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

I’d recommend trying to make that into skinned clothing. Sadly I can’t find any good guides… soo you’re kinda in the dark, but skinned clothing is probably your best option.


Apply the subsurf modifiers before you split it and that won’t happen