How can I do this?

I’ve seen this video on Youtube, how can I do it, I don’t know where to start. If I should use math.sin, math.cos or math.tan . Thank you for reading this article.


This seems to be a video by @UristMcSparks, you’ll probably be able to find a tutorial for it on the Developer Hub or Blog Archives.


Okay, I’ll look for it, thanks for that.

I found the Video, thanks, but i still dont finding Tutorials here ist the Link

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Most likely they are using the FillBlock/FillBall API from

They essentially calculate where a ball drops into the water. This is the circle center point. They then just use a parametric equation of a circle in order to calculate points along it. For every point on the circle (finite of course) they then fill in that spot with some water. They repeat this while enlarging the circle radius.

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A exemple, pls? (I’m bad at math)

Sup Eternal,

You can loop through every part that’s touching the terrain, then create a cylinder / ball where the part is.

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Hi Iucids, I just don’t understand how to think it up, an image maybe (but not an image of any code, no code)

Wait I’ll understand later, thx very much.