How can I enable AvatarEditorService?

Hi! When I try to use Avatar Editor Service, for example: game:GetService("AvatarEditorService"):PromptAllowInventoryReadAccess()
it gives the error “AvatarEditorService is not yet enabled”. I tried turning on API services and HTTP services, and I also checked the beta features, but I can’t find a solution. Is there a solution, or is it just not out to the public yet?

As far as my knowledge goes when it comes to AvatarEditorService, have you checked if you have your inventory viewing is set to everyone? I’ve never seen anything like “AvatarEditorService is not yet enabled”.

ok, Ill see if that works (ignore)

Ok, so I checked my inventory settings and it says everyone can view, but still doesn’t work, and I also tried a different functions and the same error occurred.

The issue might be that you had to fill a form to apply to use AvatarEditorService. For now, it’s not fully released.

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oh, ok thanks! (ignoreeeeeeee)