How can I erase those unwanted numbers?

Hello! So I want my script to not show that .75 part. I just need that 193m. But I have no idea how can I do that.

Here’s the script

while true do
	local mat = game.Workspace.queueposition.Value * 25/60
	script.Parent.Text = "Estimated time: "..mat.."m"

script.Parent.Text = "Estimated time: "…math.floor(mat)…“m”

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I’ll test this and I’ll write back to you :slight_smile: Thanks.

Yeah, you just need math.floor() it’ll remove the decimal part from any number. Alternatively you can use math.round() and it’ll round the number to the nearest integer which is more accurate.


Thanks, It did work. I marked your reply as the Solution :smiley:

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I didn’t know that, I’m kinda bad at scripting. Anyways, thank you for telling me!

You should explore the math library it will be really useful

I’m gonna check it out. Thanks again.