How can I fasten player's particular part?

When player uses tool, its right arm fasten and it not be effected by animation.
How can I make other parts(like left arm, legs) like this?
It’s ok not to use tool

hmmm you got to use the animation editor and make an animation . make sure to add a keyframe for the part you want to lock in place . once your done , jist play that animation when the tool is equipped and stop that animation when tool is unequipped. This is a rough guide. if you need help , feel free to ask

you forgot one important thing: loop the animation also

Roblox tool edits animation itself when I hold it.
You can see the right arm fits tool even if animation working
Then cant I edit animation like this without making new animation?

oh so you dont want the tool holding animation???

just make an animation and set the animation property to Action. Upload the animation and play it when the tool is equipped and stop it when unequipped

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