How can i fill a gap between objects in blender

i want to fill the gap between these cylinders, how do i do that?

In edit mode, press ‘2’ to go into edge select. Hold alt and select an edge to ring select. hold shift + alt and do that for the other cylinder. after you’ve selected all the edges, press F. It should then fill the gap.

Connect them by pressing F, but it does it automatically so it may not be the shape you want.


it doesn’t seem to work
probably because each shape has no gaps?
Maybe i could delete that face somehow but keep each vertex and then join them with f?
Edit: tried removing the circular faces, it just creates them again when joining

in edit mode, shift alt select both edge loops, then menu item “Edge > Bridge Edge Loops”

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I’m sorry, I forgot to mention to hold shift and alt at the same time to select both edge loops, like @GolgiToad said.

if you are trying to make a perfect sharp joint then its a bit of a pain, if you want a quick solution:

  1. remove the 2 faces in the center
  2. make sure you have edge selection mode on
  3. press and hold shift+alt while you select the outer ring of edges
  4. right click > bridge edge loops

And you should now have a filled gap

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