How can I fix a Scrolling Frame going upwards

Hello! I am having an issue where when you scroll, sometimes you see this if you get into the right angle. How can I fix this?


Thanks! Any help is appreciated!

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If anyone knows, it will be appreciated!

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maybe turn on clipdescendants property of the parent frame?

Could you please elaborate? I’m kinda confused on what the issue is.

So basically when you scroll, it goes above the frame

Well in that case, do what @TheLordGamer1820 is saying.

Already tried that, it seems to be the image though. And they all have it enabled.

It also sometimes does it on the bottom

Already tried that, read the commend above.

The parent is the one that should have ClipsDescendants enabled I’m pretty sure.

If you read it, I said everything that is in there has it enabled.

Quick question, are the pet icon’s rotated?

No, they’re not. I did it in photoshop. Actually they have a -5 rotation (and I just removed that and it seems to fix it)

Yeah, ClipsDescendants doesn’t support rotated GUIs. As stated from here:

Note that GuiObject.Rotation isn’t supported by this property. If this or any ancestor GUI has a non-zero GuiObject.Rotation , this property is ignored and descendant GUI elements will be rendered regardless of this property’s value.

Oh I actually never knew that, thank you!

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