How can I fix my "taken" system?

Hello Roblox Devs,
I am a little confused and lost on how to fix my taken system on my Gui.
I am currently making a game called Endurance v2, and I’m in the beginning process of making it.
Anyways, you have a gui that you can choose your brick color to stick with through the game.
Once you choose your color, you click it and it says its taken.
However, I can click on every single color and it will all say that it’s taken, which means the player can’t choose.
This will be a mess for the people who want to play the game.
Here is an example:

Could you please help me?

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Approach 1

You’ll need to have a server script and some remote events to track which colours are taken. Once a colour is selected, an event should be fired to check if it’s actually available. If it is, then give them that colour and send an event to all other clients to let them know that this colour isn’t available aka taken.

Approach 2

Keep a bool value in replicated storage for each colour, and update the values using remotes when needed. The client can see replicated storage and update accordingly.

Easy solution: Do not allow the player to choose more colors when they select a color.

Yes all of the above is true and I hope you have enough scripting knowledge to comprehend what the two above have said (otherwise ask for more info).

the script would be nice

Got it! I added a bool value on each player that the script sees if they picked a color or not! It works!

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