How can I fix this build?

I’m trying to make a floor, but duplicating the walls will just take to long to do I want to know if there’s a faster way to make a floor for this build.

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Just take a part and spread it as the floor. If it exceeds the boundaries, just negate it.

Hey @Itsjacobiward!

1: Fill in the space with wedges and parts:

2: Trace the interior with a third party 3D Modeling software:

In response to @NotApokalypse

This solution is far more damaging than it is helpful, negating away chunks of the excess to constitute a floor will create undesired physics collisions. The floor being a a surface that all players in his game will interact with, compromising the consistency and flow of the floor will damage the player experience. Next time I’d look for non-destructive pathways before submitting a response to the DevForum.

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The first solution is even more tiring…

No, I have worked with Union and negate. It does not cause undesired physical collisions,

How do I make the entire image fit the part?

If you’re really lazy, you could just make a giant floor under your map and union it will you wall. Then just use union’s to remove the rest of it manually.