How can I fix this tool glitch?

My tool is separated from my other part of my tool? How can I fix it?

May be due to that part being anchored.

Did you Weld the Parts together?

It’s unanchored, everything in the tool is.

I didn’t weld most of it, I only welded one part.

Oh, i think i know what is it, try moving the other part a little bit up, making it NOT touching the ground/baseplate.

Answer: Yes.

The entire tool?

Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

If you don’t Weld all the Parts together then what is going to keep them together?

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Did you set the tool’s grip correcly/already?

Edit, you solved it. I forgot to weld a few parts.

Alright, also, whenever you want to weld something, search in the toolbox for “qPerfectionWeld”, insert it in your tool, anchor all of it, then boom, also, just do it right now if you didn’t already!

Yeah, I used that one, I love that script.