How can I force all players to be in freecam using roblox's free cam system

So i’m trying to make a game where you spectate NPCs fight and i want the players to use free cam so they can spectate. I did some research and found out that roblox has a built in free cam script that only the owner and people who can edit the game can use. But my question is how can i force ALL players to be in freecam mode. Any help would be appreciated.

When you play the game in studio, you have access to the Freecam local script in your PlayerGui.
Just copy the script and put it in the StarterPlayerScripts and then the players should be able to switch to freecam by clicking Shift+P


Thats not what I want to do, that just makes all players have access to Freecam, what i want to do is have it so when a player joins they will be in freecam mode, and cant leave that mode.

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You can set the players camera to scriptable and create and invisible part to set their camera’s cframe to and add a movement script using player humanoid move direction and if player is pressing space or shift it should work. you can also set the players movement speed to zero and still use move direction