How Can I Get A Part To Resize Smoothly

I need a part to grow bigger but smoothly. I use but that is not smooth is there another way?


You should use TweenService to do this.

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How do i do it or us it----------

This is for vector can you show me TweenService

EachOrb.Size =,6,6)

Here is a small example:

local tweenService = game:GetService("TweenService") --// Gets TweenService

local part = script.Parent --// You change this to whatever the part is, of course

local info = --[[the time in seconds the tween takes]], Enum.EasingStyle.Linear --[[there are many of these. Check out the documentationĀ¹ on it]], Enum.EasingDirection.Out --[[There are three of these. It's hard to explain. Just check the documentationĀ¹ on it]])
local tween = tweenService:Create(part --[the instance you want to change]], info --[[the tween info. It can be created here if you only need it once]], {Size =, 6, 6)} --[[this table will change all of the properties you put inside of it]]) --// Creates a new tween. Creating it in a variable like this will allow you to play it, but also give you events tied to it, such as "Completed", which runs when the tween finishes

tween:Play() --// Plays the tween

TweenService is very helpful for a lot of things. I really recommend learning it!

Ā¹ - TweenService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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Thanks I learned a loot from it

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