How can I get a random position located through the size of the part?

I’m trying to get a random position so it is in the area of the part, but I have no idea how. I’m guessing I need to use Region3, but I don’t know how to use it.


Region3 is used to find parts inside a region. I’ve supplied some code that’ll work. RanPosition will be a random position inside of the part (or right on the edge)

local RNG =
local Part = workspace.Part
local Position = Part.Position
local Size = Part.Size

local MinX , MaxX= Position.X - Size.X/2, Position.X + Size.X/2
local MinY, MaxY = Position.Y - Size.Y/2, Position.Y + Size.Y/2
local MinZ, MaxZ = Position.Z - Size.Z/2, Position.Z + Size.Z/2
local X, Y, Z = RNG:NextNumber(MinX, MaxX), RNG:NextNumber(MinY, MaxY), RNG:NextNumber(MinZ, MaxZ) 

local RanPosition =, Y, Z)

I tried a similar method like this before, but the same thing happens:

Basically I am trying to make the bananas spawn within the area of that selected part, but it has trouble with doing rotated parts

This is what I tried before:
Part.CFrame = Location.CFrame +,Location.Size.X/2),3,math.random(-Location.Size.Z/2,Location.Size.Z/2))

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Basically there will be a very low chance that they are positioned in the right place

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You need to do it all with CFrame since Vector3 has no rotation

function getRandomInPart(part)
    local random =
    local randomCFrame = part.CFrame *,part.Size.X/2), random:NextNumber(-part.Size.Y/2,part.Size.Y/2), random:NextNumber(-part.Size.Z/2,part.Size.Z/2))
    return randomCFrame

It works!
Thank you for the help @RSAiste @Kymaraaa

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Changed it straight away, it was not intentional.