How can I get better at Visual Effects?

I’m working on a fighting game that has a lot of different moves such as one where you punch the air and create a pressured blast of wind and one like the image


I’ve tried to find resources that teach you how to use particle emitters in different ways to create the type of effects that I’m looking for, but I can’t seem to find any and even when I try to practice and learn it myself, I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Basically my two questions are how can I get better at Visual Effects and are there any resources for particle emitters that are exceptionally good?

EDIT: It would be even better if someone was able to give me some ability effects they’ve made to look at and see how they did it :eyes: :eyes:

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Personally I’d suggest you look into trails to give a quick wind effect, they may take a bit of messing around with but I think they’d work for something such as this. As for the lightning, either beams or very well made and placed particles would be your best option. Beams work very well when you’re trying to make a visual line go from one point to another, hopefully this helps.

Edit: I realized this is from January, though I’ll leave my response in case someone else would ever stumble across this and need the advice.

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Try using beams and trials, they’ll give you creative results and they’re very simple to use. Also you can create particles on Photoshop or any photo editor you use. I would also suggest not overusing visual effects, keep it clean.