How can I get Layered Clothing from an Outfit ID?

Hey! I posted earlier today with the question below, however I’ve run into another issue since.

I know how to load player outfits. When I get their outfit IDs, I can use player:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromOutfitId to retrieve a humanoid description that details everything about the outfit’s shirts, pants, accessories… but not their layered clothing unfortunately.

A humanoid description does not contain info about layered clothing according to the Roblox API.

Given this, are there any ways that I could retrieve layered clothing info from an outfit id? I need to get the info specifically from the outfit id because I’m making an outfit loader and I would like for it to work when loading the layered clothing as well. Thank you!

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You probably want to use game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(player.userId) instead