How can I get models?

So I am working on a game, and i am trying as much as i can to make the game realistic, but it is very time consuming to gather all of these models.

So I was wondering if there is a good way to get a lot of realistic models, that are also free to use.?


If you are talking about realistic models that other players created, just search the toolbox or inventories of players that model.

If you are talking about realism, just experiment with the game service lighting and its attributes.

I was talking about models, but if i just take some models from players inventories, wouldn’t that be stealing? They have put some effort into making thes models and so I don’t know if that actually falls under the “free to use” category.

How can it be stealing if they’re public things that anyone can use?

Well that’s my questions, is it stealing to use any free model i find in someone’s inventory?

if you are looking for realistic models, I recommend searching for 3d scans. depending on where you get them they can be pretty high poly but that’s nothing a decimate modifier cant fix.

also, look for realistic asset packs in the tool box.


Do you have any specific websites or places that would be good to look for 3d scans?

no, not really, as long as your able to find what you are looking for.

Inventory items are not all published for public. They can be, but may not be. If you are using some sort of browser plug-in to download these items then it is stealing.

Items intended to be publicly shared will be in the ‘creator store’ (aka toolbox). The creator of the item will set the permissions of the item as such:

unfortunately, you can’t even trust items that are in the ‘creator store’ due to the fact that users will sometimes upload copyrighted content that they didn’t create and share it publicly.

So it is a gray area where you have to be careful what you use and try your best to ensure that it is public and isn’t stolen.

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Try LumaAI’s “Genie” discord server. It generates 3D models based on your prompt.


  • Nobody else will have the exact same model
  • You can refine, or re-generate models
  • Models come with textures
  • Fast and easy
  • Useful for getting an idea of how to model something


  • Models very rarely turn out perfect first try (if even at all)
  • Models always have too many faces
  • Low quality textures (sometimes even in refined models)

It’s far from perfect, so it might be difficult to get realistic looking models, but it might be good for background models, or ones you can’t get that close to.

I’d definitely recommend the decimate modifier on pretty much every model to fix the issue with too many faces. Probably best to get it down to the minimum possible faces while still keeping it’s intended shape. You can always use Roblox’s Texture Generator to try generate new textures for it, but that has it’s own issues too, so again, not perfect.

EDIT: Definitely don’t use it for everything, because it will look very ugly. I would only use it for far away background objects tbh.

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