How can I get more players?

I recently made a game and have just published it, I was just wondering how I could go about getting more active and concurrent players on it?

I would also like to have some feedback so here is my game if you would like to help me with that;

First of all, do not rush. A new game won’t get many players easily if it’s not showed in ads.

  • I’d suggest trying making a streamer (big or small) play your game with his community to get people try it and play your game.
  • Keep it updated do not just leave it there people will see that the game isn’t updated so they’ll think that you abandoned it.
  • Also if you want add a bit uniqueness. Add a pinch of your magic. You say in the description “Based on the original game Underground War”. Try to add something that wasn’t in that game to make it unique.

That’s all from me hope I helped.


Also I saw you updated the game today i just said it to have it in your mind.

Okay thanks, I will try these!

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Here’s some official Roblox sources about on-site advertisement:

I very much agree with this, also Youtubers too if possible, I see videos average around 1 million per upload for some youtubers, they (usually if they haven’t been sponsored) link the game in the description ant it gains a lot of visits. I imagine the same with streamers.

Make a Twitter account too, you can post updates with tags e.g # Roblox or # Horror if it’s a horror game # SciFi # Gaming and so on.

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Alright one question, Is your game idea original? If yes then the methods I provide will be functional for your game otherwise they won’t.

In order to keep people longer and have more people return you need to do these things:

  • Add something that keeps them coming back such as Daily Rewards
  • Constant Updates
  • Mile Stone Rewards (Such as “CODE AT 1 MIL VISITS”)
  • Badges
  • Play Time Rewards (Optional)

If your game idea is not new then you will need to add something to the game to make it pop out and be more unique than the other games that have the same idea.

What about Advertising?
In order to get alot of players to begin with you can start by implement the things I talked about and then after that you can use these methods to advertise:

  • Invite Friends and have the Friends invite their friends (Easy and Good For new games)
  • Advertise on Roblox (20K Robux+) (Best for games that are already popular 300K-500K visits)
  • Convince a Streamer or someone popular to advertise your game (2ND BEST for small games)

I hope you find these methods helpful!