How can I get More Search Impressions for my game?

I currently have a small game with over 10k visits, and i want to get more search Impressions on it.

First i will show you some of the game Analytics:

And this is the imperssions:

also this is the game icon (apologize for the bad quality):

any feedBacks or tips how to get more impressions are higly appreciated!

also what “others” mean in this analytics?

Other could probably mean that roblox algorithm blessed you and it showed up on the users homepage.

i hope so.
but i’m trying to get more “search impressions” not “home page impressions”, i think they are easier.
btw when i search word “Find The Button” (wich is the name of the game), the game Appear in the line 15 of that serch, under so much of off-topic games :confused:

You can’t do anything about that. It’s just how roblox is. If you get blessed then… well your game might get better. I say, find investors and advertise your game more.

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okay thanks for you feedback! i will work about that