How can I get started with data saving

How can I get started with data saving on ROBLOX.

What are the basics?
What is the best type of data save?

To answer your first question: read up

as for the second question, there isn’t really a best type of data save (unless you mean when you save it). Personally, I think the best way may be to store a table with all of the stats. (i.e. {coins, xp, lvl, dmg} would be saved).

This is just my personal preference.

If you just want a easy time with data storing, and not want to go through the hassle of writing a DataStore script on your own, then I would suggest using DataStore2. DataStore2 is module, that takes everything into account. (Loading & Saving data, even when the server crashes or something else weird happens) How to use DataStore2 - Data Store caching and data loss prevention

Though DataStore2 is a good resource, I think it is better to start out without using a fancy module like that, so that you can learn how to use bare-bones DataStoreService without having the module do everything for you. After you learn about DataStoreService, there is no problem using DataStore2 OR ProfileService.

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