How can I get the old Rotate Tool Back

Hello. I recently opened Roblox Studio but when I rotated a model I got this rortate tool:

I want to know how can I get to the old Rotate Tool. Thanks for awnsering me.

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You cant that’s the new one I suggest you get used to it.

It goes on and off, sometimes you have it, sometimes, you just can, and that’s just the sad part, but by being positive, you can have a better-looking rotation tool.

yes but if you really want to use the old one, you can use the F3X Tool ( Plugin )
, there is the still the old one I guess


There is no way to get the old rotation tool back unless you use a building plugin like F3x or SBS (like @ice_sound said). The new rotation tool did look odd for me what I first started using it but I got used to it and it’s overall more efficient. You no longer need a rotation ball to rotate; you can rotate from every angle.

I really recommend getting used to it since it’s a major upgrade from the old one IMO.

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This has been brought up over a few couple of times please use the search function since this has already been answered and made. The new ‘Lua Dragger’ has been released to everyone at the start there isn’t any way to revert back to the old dragger. You could use a helpful plugin such as the ones that’s been said above the updated Lua dragger is currently being forced to 25% of the users. If you have any sort of feedback, post your comments on the official announcement thread.

Here is a similar question related to yours:

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