How can I get the position of the mobile device joystick on a scale from 0.00 to 1.00?

Well, now you can get the position of the joystick. However, it gives me large scales from 100 to 200 and I want it to be from 0.00 to 1.00

UserInputService.TouchMoved:Connect(function(Input, gameprocess)
	if(Character.Humanoid.MoveDirection ~=
		local oldPosition = (Input.Position - Input.Delta)
		local x, y = oldPosition.X, oldPosition.Y;
		print("touch \n x:", x,"\n y:", y, "\n")
Adjusted_X = (X / Length_Of_Joystick) - 1
Adjusted_Y = (Y / Length_Of_Joystick) - 1

That code would probably do it, assuming you know how long the joystick is in pixels