How can i get the textlabel if it keeps returning nil

I have a server script that when a remote is fired then change the color of a textlabel (change color from a serverscript) Im trying to detect the label because it clones a template label then makes it the players name. I want it to do only specific players. But whenever I detect it it says TextLabel is nil. If anyone can help me define the label that would be great.

local a = function(Player)
	local list = {};
	for _, Player in next, PlayerService:GetPlayers() do
		if Player.Name == list then
			local txt = ScrollFrame[Player.Name]
			txt.TextColor3 =, 0.333333, 1)
	return RemoteEvent:FireClient(Player, list);
if player.Name == list then

This will never parse because you define list to be a table and not the players name nor did you ever add the players name to the table. So im confused what you’re even trying to achieve with your code.

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