How can I get the UniverseID of someone else's game?

So, I made a game that is basically a custom search engine consisting of only OG roblox games and I also included an option for other players to submit a game, using the submitted game’s ID, so that it can be added to the search engine automatically. However, to check to see if the game qualifies as an OG game and also is playable, I need the universe ID. I was initially using an endpoint that would allow me to get the UniverseID using just the game’s place ID, but it got removed some time ago. Does anyone know of a solution that would let me get a game’s universe ID?

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The /v1/games/multiget-place-details method returns an array of multiple place IDs’ information which includes game/universe ID


use this URL{placeId}/universe also replace {placeid} with the place id you want


Thanks @VSCPlays. That’s exactly what I was looking for.


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