How can I get the user's specific rendering distance?

I am making an open world game, and terrain seems to be rendered differently to parts, so I want to make a script that allows the fog to adapt to your level of quality, instead of having to manually set the fog distance.

Here is a graphical example of what I want to achieve:

I have looked inside Roblox Documentation for a good while and I don’t seem to find any property on any service that would allow, or assist me to achieve something like this.

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You can use the UserGameSettings, and check the user’s Graphics quality level. Based on this number, adjust the fog distance.

GraphicsQualityLevel can only be accessed by CoreScripts, but SavedQualityLevel can be read by any script.

A problem rises when the player uses sets their graphics level to automatic, since its enum value is SavedQualitySetting.Automatic, and I cannot really do much with the graphics settings being automatic.

Hmmm. Seems like you cannot. Here is a post from 2016.
This leaves you with a few options:

  • Assume lowest/highest graphics settings
  • Prompt the user if they have automatic graphics settings.

This is unfortunate.