How can I give permission to someone play my paid game

I want to give someone permission to play my game that is currently paid.

The problem is that I can’t give him permission.

I tried to add him on “Collaborate” and put on “Play” but he still can’t enter without pay.
I tried on a alt and the same happend, I can give Play permission on Collaborate, but it still asks to pay

How can I do to give the permission to play? (or if it’s impossible)

This is not currently possible; Roblox does not support giving free access to paid access games.
The only way to grant access without handing them some Robux, is by giving them the ‘Edit Experience’ permission. But that comes with many risks and should not be done.

Here are some feature requests from 2014; it wouldn’t make much of a difference after 8 years but it’s the only way to voice your input:


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