Resurrecting idea of keys to selectively give users access to paid-access games

As a Roblox developer, it is currently nearly impossible to give a large number of people free access to a paid access game. (We can give people some robux on an individual basis but that would be a huge pain; we could create our own internal paid access system but then we lose the benefits of appearing on the ‘top paid’ list and no doubt would receive many thumbs down from players hitting the internal pay wall.)

Every other games platform I can think of allows developers to give out keys to youtubers, kickstarter backers, testers, friends, etc so they can try the game for free. Usually numbering in the thousands.
I am particularly interested in giving keys out to youtubers but am also quite curious about the possibility of kickstarting a paid-access Roblox game.

I’d prefer keys; if there was a whitelist it would need to be something where we could import a whole list of user id’s or names as entering them in one at a time would likely be more effort than it’s worth.

Don’t want to rekindle a holy war! I’ve seen that this topic has been brought up at least twice before, years ago, with much arguing amongst devs. I just wanted to bump the issue and add my voice to the pro column.


I think the best way to go about this is to let the developer of the game to set how many times a key can be used, whether that’s 1, 2, or infinite times. Keys, of course, should be able to be deleted at any point by a developer.

I highly support this feature and think it’s important for developers to have more control over their own game.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible for me to simultaneously allow my testers and friends to play my paid access games without them having to buy the game.

This bothers me because at times I’ve had many testers for projects I or my team has worked on, and it’s unfortunate that at times I have had to explain to my testers that they will have to now pay for game they have enjoyed testing for so long.

I believe it would be of great benefit to the Roblox community if developers were able to white-list specific users so they can enter their paid access games for free. My friends shouldn’t have to pay to access my games just because I want to earn a profit off of it.


Can we get this added soon? As a Roblox developer, I want to be able to give certain community members access to paid games. It’s a really good way to build hype around the game in within your community, as everyone wants the elusive game key to the anticipated game.

That would be my specific use-case for this, but the other points that have been brought up here are just as valid for testers and friends. It’s something that really needs to be added to take paid access games and Roblox as a gaming platform to the next level.

Edit: replied to plasma instead of just making a post on the topic by addicent, sorry


It’s time to bump again.

We need this feature, one time access keys for paid games is useful for testers, or giving the game to your friends of free. Custom systems don’t get the job done and I feel like they are hacky.

Bumping this also would like to see this feature

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