How can I go about making a bot for a game I am working on that messages the user a receipt for a purchase?

I am currently working on a “hub” like game, at the game you can purchase products for use in games. One of the things we wanted to have was a system where a bot would message the user a receipt if they have messages enabled. I know that Roblox has the 2-factor auth now, so I was wondering if there was a way I could get around it? I know it is possible because Terabyte Servies does this. I am using Roblox.js

EDIT: We didn’t want to use a website for this, because Roblox doesn’t allow offsite links, so we wanted all of our purchases to go through a game.

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Why would you need to provide an off-site link?

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You could contact the roblox.js developers I belive they have a discord, They could help you.

EDIT: Discord invite to Roblox JS :

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We were thinking about having a website, but decided against it so we don’t get termed like TBS.

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I’ll take a look, thanks!

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Oh, a website for receipts instead of sending over PMs? Roblox PMs have captchas IIRC, so you may not be able to use them either.

As for 2-factor authentication though, you could just not enable it on the bot account. If whatever you’re hosting this on is continually restarting your bot automatically, that may be your only option. If you are manually starting the bot yourself though, you just need to provide the 2-factor key when logging in and the bot will remain logged in until it’s shut down or you use “Log out of all sessions”. You can use the authenticateRoblox method of my Roblox Python library as a reference for how the authentication API is used.

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If so, Heroku might not be a option as it limits turning it on/off.

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The website doesn’t really matter, how does TBS and TBA go about message bots if there is a captcha?

They Have a backlog(what I mean is a database of messages failed and need to send untill they are successful) . Thats why there is delays.

So they message manually?

Where do I get a 2-factor key?

EDIT: Will Roblox always 2-factor auth on messages or is it only used when an account sends too many message in a certain amount of time?

They don’t always have it, but I bet you’d trigger it pretty fast if your game got big enough.

Honestly, I would not recommend making such a bot. It would be really unpredictable, especially on Roblox’s end, and if the player was like me, annoying. Not to mention, it seems kind of pointless. Why do they need a receipt sent to them in the first place?

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We just thought it would be a cool idea, but I guess it would be fine if we didn’t use it.

If you really like the idea, why not send them receipts in-game? It has the same effect, without the complexity of managing a bot.

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That’s what I’m thinking that now.

Yeah, in conjunction with Intended_Pun, I’m just struggling to understand the purpose of a receipts bot. Is the Roblox transaction page not sufficient? It just seems like you’d be wasting a lot of time on a feature that is redundant. When I think of reasons why we use of receipts in the real world, we use them as means to verify purchases and issue refunds. The former you’re better off doing yourself in datastores, and I don’t understand why you’d issue the latter (which, even if you do, you’re better off tracking it yourself rather than trusting an end-user not to try to swindle you).

IMO, it seems just like an idea you think sounds cool but is a lot of headache to accomplish close to nothing. You can’t even ensure everyone receives a receipt if their messages are off, so whatever benefits you gain are cut down significantly.

I’d recommend, if you’re set on this, you issue these receipts within your game.


We use a special algorithm to predict when ROBLOX wants a captcha. When they do we slow down our messages.

Like people have said, PMs are unreliable as many people have their privacy settings so only friends can message them. Filtering within roblox ruins the content of your messages.


That’s what I’m planning on doing, just thought it would be a nice feature. We are going to be using external databases rather than datastores, so we will always be able to track them.