How can I grow my game?

Hi, so I’ve recently been trying to grow my first game, ❄️Backstab: Murder Mystery - Roblox
Right now the game’s pretty similar to murder mystery but as time goes on I plan on really branching out more with the game.
I’ve tried running ads, making shorts (they’re cringe), and giving away a free rare item.
I’ve had my game peak at 40 players but I can’t really get it to grow…
There’s a bunch of other popular games similar to my game that do well so I’m just stuck on what to do.

If you could check it out and provide me some ideas or feedback on how I can grow my game, it would be very appreciated!

Your game does look relatively polished, but compared to the original MM2, it cannot compete. Players would have no reason to play your game over the other.

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I love the look of the UI; maps are classic looking (which is like how they made the older MM2 maps). Although it is a very clean game, I do have some thoughts. I feel like you did “steal” some names of weapons, sounds, and such from Murder Mystery 2. I say “steal” because a lot of those things can be ROBLOX’s items and other “free models.” I feel like you should make it more original in that matter. Making new roles and different roles, not like Murder Party though. Otherwise, the game has potential, but as the person above me said, it cannot compete with Murder Mystery 2.

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