How can I have a menu screen change the camera with streaming enabled?

For my menu screen I want to change the camera to a scene.
However I was told ReplicationFocus should only be set for custom character and RequestStreamAroundAsync apparently doesn’t always work. So what other options am I left with?

I could move the character under the scene but what if the scene is supposed to be a part of the actual map? Also issues with that come like being able to use voice chat from under the floor to yell at people in the menu screen.

Edit: also another question. Would it be bad or dangerous to constantly call requeststreamaroundasync in a loop constantly while the camera is panned? That way it cannot fail. Idk if thats bad or not though

I don’t know really tbh, but I think you should try calling it a lot and see if it impacts performance somehow. I’d imagine (or at least I hope) that they have implemented checks in the function itself that makes sure it stays efficient even if it gets called “too much”.

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You can do this by grouping the scene as a model and changing the ModelStreamingMode to PersistentPerPlayer, Which will make the model stream to the players you add as persistent players by using model:AddPersistentPlayer() at all times, So what you want to do is right before you’re gonna show them the scene add them as a Persistent Player and once the scene is over remove the persistent player from the model


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