How can I have chat bubbles show up through my 1-way glass?

I’m planning on building some rooms, with some of the walls being made out of 1-way glass. I wish the glass to show chat bubbles of players and have it so that you cannot stick your camera through the glass.

I managed to find a good and simple way to build the 1-way glass, but my problem is that chat bubbles don’t show up when looking through the glass. How can I have chat bubbles show up through the glass, while still stopping players from sticking their camera through the glass?

I have tried using decals instead of just 2 parts, but problem with that one is that you can stick your camera through the glass.

I will include pictures of the 1-way window.2020-05-16 (4)

The left part is 0.02 transparent, while the right part is 0.6. Left side is the side which where you arent supposed to see from.

Thanks to everyone who can help (or atleast tries)!

I don’t know if it’s the solution, but I made in my game a invisible block that you can’t pass the camera by using a block mesh in a part with the transparency set as 0 the block mesh has 0,0,0 size, maybe if you use that and then you put a decal is the solution.


Change the glass for plastic, sadly the glass material have problems in Roblox Studio.


Just tried it and it works great! Thanks!