How can I have Inspiration for UGC Accessories?

Hiya, everyone!

As you all know, UGC (User-Generated Content) program has been quite well known throughout the Roblox community since approximately the middle of 2019 and contributed a lot for creators to have their capacity to create customized and fascinating accessories, whether being for your Head , Face ‘til layered clothing !

As for now, this year, we had a new opening wave for everybody to be a part of the community program and be able to upload their items to the ROBLOX Avatar Shop!

» Updates and Changes to the UGC Catalog Application

At first, it may be interesting for those that always wanted to be curious about how it works and apply for it… Although, one little thing that comes to mind is the first “requirement” stating to look at the catalog and begin to get inspiration… Now, this makes me wonder how you can get this type of inspiration, as I am thinking of a near future to apply…

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If anyone got confused at this little part, I am simply trying to ask how you can have this inspiration by just looking through the Avatar Shop… There are thousands of accessories made by Roblox/UGC Creators that it is quite unsure to me how I can have similar ideas for them

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Change your avatar everyday, eventually you’ll find yourself something that you’ll want, but doesn’t own or exist in the catalog, then, see if there’s anyone else’s costume which would fit the missing item, if yes, then you’ll be able to make it a lot easier.


Is it okay if you can use games that can let you try out Roblox accessories before buying them? I know it is quite a silly question, but as I don’t have many items/want to spend my game currency (Robux), I want to know if this is okay as an alternative method!

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Definitely, there’s no literal differences. Sometimes I make myself an avatar then I’ll have to design a clothing set for it as well, so you could probably do that with UGC avatars, but instead of 2D clothing, you try to match your outfit with your own accessories.

Note: You might want to have an experience (game) that allows you to put your own unpublished UGCs items on your avatar easily.

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