How can I have the NORMAL roblox shiftlock always on?

I want to always have the camera locked in my game. I’ve tried multiple modules that do this, but all of them mess up my current flying system. (The game is entirely spent flying with rocket boosters).
However, when I enable the normal roblox shiftlock, it works exactly how I want it to.

In the shiftlock player module, there are a lot of functions that I don’t really understand. If anyone knows how to just automatically enable shiftlock and then not let it be disabled, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

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I found a solution:
Add this module:

Set the camera type to follow

Disable mouselock option

Set the cursor image to nil if you want

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Not sure of this, but I think there’s a camera setting for that; possibly?..

Correct me if I’m wrong, Thanks.


I don’t think so; I looked through all of them.
There are two booleans that you might be thinking of: one that decides whether the player can control if they have shiftlock on or not, and another that locks the player in first person, which I guess does lock the camera, but it makes the camera always zoomed all the way in.
Thanks for your input though let me know if you have questions as I spent a lot of time looking through camera stuff.

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Ah, okay; My bad.

I thought there was.

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