How can I hide this?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I am making a system called RobloxianRoxy, I created a post here for another question. RobloxianRoxy is a system like Continue For Google but for Roblox. Like, if you lost your account because you forgot the password, you can sign into robloxianRoxy and get your data back. (For More Infomation, go to my other post.)

  2. What is the issue? I want to store a Code/Password on a Datastore for the account so it cant get hacked, but, I was told it was against the TOS and someone recommended me to use Hashtags, he said many other games do this.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I looked Around on the dev forum but couldn’t find a Fixture.

What should I do to make it so I don’t store the password, but the password they enter is the same you log in with.

Just so you know, RobloxianRoxy is a Roblox Game, we have a sign near the create/Add tab notifying NOT to use your Roblox login of any type.

So you’re trying to make a password recovery system for Roblox?

EDIT: Wait, this doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

So you’d store a Player’s password, that’s definitely against ToS if you’re doing that. But what you’re trying to do makes no sense to me at all.


You can already recover an account through email. I don’t really see any use case for this that can’t be accomplished by something that already exists.


I think he is talking about the data of the player. In a game

You can just use “forgot password” if you forgot your password.
Besides it’s against roblox’s tos to store other player’s passwords & stuff.

Maybe it is impossible. They never deliver their account data even reasons.
Just in case, you might abuse your DataStore of password, or getting hacked and causing to leak password datas.

You should enter the “password” or code into a DataStore, but you are going to need another way to verify it is them. How about, when you sign up, you are given a 4 character code, and then it is up to you to remember it and use it when you want to recover your password.

Ok. I’ll make it a bit more clear. Let us say your at your friend’s house, but don’t want to enter your password in front of them, RobloxianRoxy will give you your Data (NOTHING RELATED TO ROBLOX LOGIN), and get your data for you on any game.