How can I import blender model with texture?

How can I import my blender model with its texture ? When I try to import it using the asset manager then I only can import the model without texture

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You have to “Bake” the texture in Blender, and then import it separately. There’s some good tutorials on Youtube for this.
Here’s one I found with a quick Google search. How To Export Blender Meshes AND TEXTURES Into Roblox Studio [2022] - YouTube

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Is there any way to bake multiple colors ? For me its only baking the entire model in one color but it must be 3 different colors ?
here are my bake settings:
this is how the texture looks:

this are the 3 different colors:

Have you selected the objects correctly, and added and selected image textures to bake to in all 3 materials?

How? (((((((((Ignore this)))))))))