How can I Import Cartoony items from Roblox to Blender

Before I start, I’m new to the forum. So if this post is not in the right format or not in the appropriate category please tell me.

I want to import Cartoony items from Roblox studio to Blender.
I’m making a GFX of myself and I want to import a Cartoony top hat from the studio to Blender.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 185950

When I Import the Cartoony Top Hat into Blender, I don’t get the same Texture and the outline.

This is the result I get.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank You.

how I think cartoony hats are made is to copy the entire mesh, invert it so you see the outside of it in all directions but only one side of it, then scale the mesh by .25 or something

then make the texture a solid color

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copy your mesh, make it a bit bigger, flip the normals in edit mode; thats how you make a generic “buy my crap” hat

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