How can I improve my game? (Tower Masters)

Hey there. I recently did a soft release on my game called Tower Masters yesterday morning.

Check it out here:

I spent 10k R$ on ads, results:

(Total bid was 3k because I spent an extra 1k a couple days earlier to test CTR)

The game is not an exact copy of any other game on the platform. But, I feel like the game didn’t do that well as I thought it would at it’s soft release. We had about 12 concurrent the entire 24 hours and had a peak of 25 players. Although we did face many bugs which broke the game over that time period such as data and character customization which is a key factor. But then again that’s why I wanted to soft release.

Here’s a better look at the ads:

I wanted some advice on what I could do to improve my game and how I can spend my R$ on ads at the game’s full release. My budget is 100k. I also wanted some advice on whether I should even spend it on ads. People have advised me that sponsoring gets more players which is an important factor for my game since there is a match / queue system. Any sort of feedback helps, thanks!


I have played this game, and all in all, I love it! the design and looks are flawless. However, I have noticed that even the obbies considered easy are rather difficult. Newer users may try these, not knowing how to do obbies well, and die. They may not want to come back due to the difficulty of the game. I recommend decreasing the size of some of the jumps in the top of candy tower; some are very difficult without shift lock, and need to be timed perfectly to be completed, including the 1 stud lollipop jumps. This is not good for keeping newer and younger users; they may be unsure how to do these, get unhappy or frustrated, and leave. Make some obbies starting off easier to do, and then you may get more players staying, which could result in more joining. The designs and game itself look amazing visually, and are very appealing to look at. It’s the difficult towers which I think make some players leave rather than stay. Whether or not sponsoring and doing ads gets more players depends on many factors, including what the ads look like (yours look visually appealing and amazing), and user engagement, which includes what your game looks like when joining, how difficult your game is for newer users, and much more. Looking at your game leaderboard for wins, a majority of players have less than 10 wins, and this is likely due to difficulty. All in all, a great game! Good luck on development with this, and much, much more. Keep up the great work you have going! I wish you the best of luck. I also recommend stating in your description that this game is difficult; so players know beforehand. Your medium and hard level towers are perfect; It’s the easy ones which I feel need a bit less difficulty. Nerf them a little bit but don’t make them too easy. Another way around this being too difficult? Add a tutorial for new users so they can learn how to complete these levels well enough, and restrict hard/medium towers to certain levels. Ex: Level 10+ may enter Hard towers, and level 5+ may enter Medium towers.

Fix the major bugs before a full release; this will keep players coming back as well. You have done such an amazing job making this, and if you include the advice I have given, I could see this game doing VERY well. Good luck, and happy developing!


Thank you so much for the feedback!

I’ll definitely take a look into making the easy towers better for newer players.

Just wondering, judging from the results of my ads above do you think I should try out sponsoring? I’ve heard that they can get more player counts and for this type of game, that’s exactly what is needed.

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Of course, I am extremely happy to help out! Thank you for taking my idea into consideration, it could help out a lot!

As for your second question…
I, honestly, feel it 100% depends on your concurrent player count, and how engaging to players your game is. My friend, OhItsJustEdward, made a brand new game, then used sponsors, and it got him over 30 concurrent players, spiking at 150 concurrent players. However, when the sponsors ran out, the game activity fell majorly, as it did not have enough interest to keep players coming back. So, you could very well get many players from sponsors; I would test it first though, with a bid of about 1k, to see how the interest does compare to ads and how many players come in. It could get more, but it depends! Test it out at first and see. Good luck! However, I would not do so until you add easier towers to the game, so players stay. :smiley:
Good luck!!


Do you think my game has enough aspects to keep players coming back?

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It 100% does. This game has a ton of potential, and I could see many players coming back to play again with a few more towers, and easier starter towers for newer players. Also consider adding a tutorial and level cap for tower difficulties, as I said above, so players stay longer, and work hard for higher levels in the game.

Upon seeing enough players get to level 10, for hard towers, and seeing them complete these towers, you could add a secondary island for more towers of varying difficulties, to keep players coming back again. This is all content you could add over time of seeing how your game does; I wish you the best of luck. Releasing updates is another way to hype players and get them to come back.

Good luck again; You have done amazing with this game! I hope to see it do well!


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Thanks for pointing that out! Appreciate it.

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