How can I improve my game? (Trivia Game)

Hello all,

I’ve recently released my game, due to unfortunate circumstances and a bad timing for ads the game hasn’t done so well. There are future updates such as trading, world maps (different levels) etc.

But I’d like help with how to make the game more grindy and more appealing, I’ve already seen that some levels are too difficult for the younger audience and I had to rip down the spawn and make it flat so they could see chests also having to put big text and circles.

Game: [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

It’s out so you can test it for yourselves, I’d like to know how to make it more appealing, grindy and bring back players. Thank you for anyone who takes the time to get feedback for me, would really appreciate it. (Also if you have any better ideas for products/gamepasses let me know too)



Upon arriving the game, I was spawned into a well-built lobby where players are able to buy cosmetics, pets, view statistics, ect… All of this was spectacularly done.

However, I did find myself lost on where to go to obtain my coins.

I found it unique how you separated it all into different categories which is really awesome. But, I do wish these tunnels are more confined inside of a larger building. Having a larger structure inside of a lobby builds emphasis that the structure is the home point of the lobby.

Take Flood Escape for example:

While the outside can be a bit unappealing due to its emptiness, it emphasizes its home point which is the giant building.

In this building, there are a selection of modes to choose from. I think that by taking inspiration from this approach, it will bring all the players together and make the game feel more unified which can bring in more players.

I also don’t think that hints should cost robux, (if they’re buying a hint then they might as well buy the answer since it’s only 20 more robux,) but it’s your game so you can decide that for your self.

Overall, this is a nice fun concept to tackle, I just wish this game had more emphasis on its primary concept instead of pushing these cosmetics/pets/monetization in your face.


Thank you for your feedback, originally, I did not push all that stuff I had a nicer lobby which had a little structure in the middle. Was not my plan at first but when nobody noticed it, I thought they could not see it so opted to use those methods. Not for monetization but wanted to let people know what they could use gold on, maybe pets and hats are not the best thing to have in this game.

I will learn from this and can re-use those for something else, I should maybe thing of an alternative solution but will probably keep them in for now. I think a tutorial for first time players would be good and informative to let them know about all the ways to gain gold, gems, and level up etc. Where to go and that there are pets/chests in the game that way I will not need that massive ugly text and can revert to what it should have originally been.

I do agree the rooms are way too small, thanks for brining that up because I was hesitant about that, but I will fix that up. With your suggestion for the big building do you suggest I make the map bigger and make buildings per se with the areas labelled?

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Joined the game with an intro that looked really good. The icon looked good, as well as the thumbnail, just about everything was good.
When I entered the lobby, UI was everywhere! ScreenUI, SurfaceGui, and the nametag was sort of bothering. My first impression was that the map was fully-packed with christmas stuff and overall just unnecessarily crowded, which I didn’t really like.
The other thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a round system, just go into a building and guess. The idea isn’t really appealing, so instead of that, how about you make a round system and people have to guess what the character is in a race to the end.
The hint feature wasn’t really good either, no real objective to adding it, just stuffing the monetization in your face isn’t good either and I don’t think it’s effective either.

So basically, here’s a TL;DR:

  • Add a Round System, just guessing characters with no real fun or anything isn’t really fun.
  • Remove the Hint feature or just revamp it entirely.
  • Make the Map and UI less crowded.

If this helped, please mark my answer as a solution, thank you!

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I appreciate your feedback, like what I just said above was not my goal to have a bombardment of UI’s there, but I think with the changes I have said, I can revert / change the map to make it bigger and better.

Do you have any suggestions on how to revamp the hint feature and how to add this round system any examples would help?

If you’re going to revamp it, make the hints cost coins or gems, not Robux, almost nobody will buy it for a one time thing.

Make an intermission and a map voting system and then the map loads and then all players either go into a team or an individual group and the first/second/third one to the end get gems or coins. You could customize it like that and I’m sure more people will join rather than having no competition at all.

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That last suggestion was very helpful, that would require a whole new game model but something I should consider.

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