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Hello everyone! My name is Arelle and I’m the owner and founder of Fresh Dentist on ROBLOX. For some context, it’s essentially a roleplay dentist game.

For some time I’ve been trying to find the reason behind why the game isn’t managing to retain members and I do believe I have found a few of the causes, however as a developer I don’t get an insight into how the game is for someone completely new to it and I feel that by doing that I’d be able to improve things. I’d also just like to start by saying that I’m aware roleplay (establishment) games generally have a niche audience which is contributing to the lack of growth, and this is something I’m working on.

So if anyone is available to, I would love some feedback on the game; accessibility, build, scripting and anything else that you believe could improve it.

A link to the game is below, thank you to anyone who is able to provide any advice!

Game Link

Over 80 people are active in your group’s games so I wouldn’t say it’s not growing and it’s not bad in any way, just generic. It didn’t look like a dentist at all when I first joined. The invisible wall made it even more confusing. A thumbnail/icon showing what the dentist actually looks like and a more social environment might help.

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Your game has pretty good building, it seems like another generic group roleplay game;
Don’t sweat how your game isn’t performing as much as you want, your actually doing really well in terms of group roleplay games.

Compared to other roleplay group games, your game is surprisingly doing better than groups with hundreds of thousands of members, like Sizzleburger and Frappe.

The only thing I’d change are the bathrooms, if you want your dentist office to have a more “realistic” approach to an actual office, I’d change the size of this door and actually add an actual door.


Honestly, I don’t see much room for improvement, the building is great and so are the thumbnails and icons. Even the group, it’s very successful. I honestly think you’re doing great and just keep growing the dentistry!

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Make it medically educational, by actually teaching players about the body and teeth with facts, scientific words and realistic models

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But Roblox doesn’t need 78 US Armies, nor dental hospitals.

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