How can i improve my game?

Hi everyone, today i wanna show you my project that i’ve been working on.

Game is called “Beyond The Darkness”, it’s a psychological horror made by me.

My game is have 2 modes: Campaign & Multiplayer!

In Campaign is just simple story mode that’ll be expanded in near future.

Multiplayer is gamemode where you need to complete objectives & escape helicopter as survivor, monster need to kill everyone & prevent them from completing objectives. (Game have AI that’ll spawn when there’s only one person in server.)

Not all assets are mine beacuse of my terrible modeling skills, but i’ll replace them in near future!

You can let me know what i can add, what should i improve, what should i delete etc. I wanna get some opinions on my game.

Thanks for every opinion!

Link to game: Beyond The Darkness - Roblox

Maybe add a “this game contains flashing lights warning” before the movie grain starts, as it flashes on the loading screen, and is not a thing for anyone --talking about the main meu/lobby

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you can partially phase through the door

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I don’t think it’s needed for now

It’s only a camera position, character doesn’t phase through