How can I improve my game?


Recently I came up with a idea to make a new simple game called completions where users need to complete sentences and review other ones and I’m looking for feedback to make the game better!

game link: completion
Any feedback is appreciated!


This is a really neat game idea!

I have no suggestions but I found a bug where I was able to spam vote for myself and it said it was adding the votes, but after the voting period was over, I had 0 votes. Maybe make the vote button disappear after a person has voted or if it is their own?

Other than that, the game is really nice!

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The game looks really good, nice job!

I also found a bug.
When spamming the vote-button once a round ends, the “+1” label will not disappear after the round has finished. It also adds up as shown in the images below.

Maybe you could grey-out the vote-button if a user has voted for the person already, making them unable to spam it.

Very interesting game :+1:

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for the feedback and bugs! I’ve been working on it and added the following things:

  1. made it more clear that you can’t vote on yourself by making the text button grey with the text: “You can’t vote for yourself.”
  2. You can only click the vote button once in a round (that also fixes the issue where the +1 label will not disappear)

thank you for the feedback!

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