How can I improve my sci-fi buildings?

Hi there! I was recently building some sci-fi buildings and I would like to get some feedback and suggestion on how I can improve them. Im making a sci-fi city and those are the very first buildings I made for this project.

I added some pictures of the buildings down below. I didn’t provide and links to the place because the place is WIP and I can’t make the place active for my group members. Any form of constructive critism is welcome. :grinning: Here are the pictures might add in more if needed:



Hello fellow developer!

Looking at the screenshots, the buildings look fairly simplistic yet very effective from the looks of it. It doesn’t look bad or “basic” by any means, but it fits very well with the neon lights. Although, there are somethings that I would change.

    This is something nit-picky but the gap between wedges might seem off from certain angels. If possible, I would add a “CornerWedge” to link the wedges together on the corners.

  2. Maybe add some other colours other than neon blue, like red, yellow and others that might fit together.

Those are all the things I can think of at the moment, other than that, it looks great! You can really feel the sci-fi/futuristic vibe that you are going for. Good job!

Good luck with your future endeavors, and happy developing! :wink:

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I will try to experiment with other colors and try to add in CornerWedges. Thanks for sharing this with me!

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