How can I improve my thumbnail and icon?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to improve my thumbnail and icon. I want them to be more visually appealing and improve the first impressions when my game is seen or clicked on to gain more players.

  2. What is the issue? N/A

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I have redone these several times and they still look like crap


Please let me know what can be done to improve these
Game link: oldBLOX - Roblox


The accent above the O looks a bit weird! Just make it flat normal one, like This:

In addition, The “X” looks a bit small, and the edges look cut off.

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It’s supposed to resemble old roblox.

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I hate deflecting feedback and I’m sorry but that thing above the O is intentional. It is meant to reference the old Roblox logo

Notice how it is not a normal “O” but it has a little design above it.

Yeah, I understand that. I’m not saying anything about it, I’m saying that the letters look weird:

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Yes I know, I’m saying that the accent looks weird, it looks curvy.


I’m saying it should be straight and filled in.

You mean the inside of the accent should be filled in?

Yes, as represented in the picture, the accent is filled with white in the picture, but since he don’t color in your text is red, just fill it up with red! So basically it would look like this! You could fill it up with red or black!

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agreed with @ScytheSlayin’s points. To add, maybe you could replace the sky backround with one of the classic games. Keeps the old visual aesthetic but adds a little more visual interest.

In the same vein maybe you could replace the noob with a classic looking character like the ones in your thumbnail. Nothing’s more classic than the default roblox noob, but just an idea of something to try.

Last idea is to have your characters be involved in some kind of action. Icon character could be holding the old rocket launcher, charcters in the thumbnail could be in a walking motion, swinging a LinkedSword, etc.


You need to work on the X and it’s size, also the O with the accent needs to be a lot taller to make it look normal and make it resemble the original Roblox logo more.

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Go for the same colors too, the white logo with red strokes.

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I like the sky background because for us oldies, that is immediately recognizable.

They don’t use that anymore.

Perhaps you could also change the colour of the text from red and black to include white (like the old roblox logo). Might give it the touch up you’re looking for.

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