How can I improve my UI?

Hello friends, I am requesting feedback on how I can improve my UI design for an upcoming game of mine! I chose a cartoony-ish style for it and I can’t decide what needs to be changed.

Any feedback helps me out a lot!


Insert a uicorner into the textbox, it makes the gui rounded and you can always mess with the ‘roundiness’ if that’s the right word to say.

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What do you think of this?


This looks way better than the original. If there is a price for the gift, the button should say Buy Normal Gift for 12 Coins for example. Or you could add a price to the description of the gift.

That might pop up when you click “buy”. Haven’t really decided that yet

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Kinda irrelevant, but the build behind it looks pretty dang awesome. Nice!

But anyway, my only advice is to maybe experiment with colours outside of grey - namely, a RGB(x,x,x) format.

What I’m not saying is that you should go with strong, solid colours (this augments simplicity within your UI, but then again it also reduces complexity). Try to go with colours in between, or grey with a tinge more red/green/blue. For example, RGB(x,x,1.25x) works OKish.

That’s me being incredibly pedantic though. Otherwise, you did a great job!