How can I improve my UI?

I’ve made these ui for my game, they look very boring.


How can I improve these ui?


Hello! I actually really like your UI’s. What sort of game is this? If it’s a Sci-fi or adventure game, they fit well, they look neat and professional! Really nice. People might disagree though and that’s fine.

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I think you can improve the pictures and maybe add more colors?

I don’t really do this kind of things so thats my opinion , but still looks amazing!

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It looks very nice if you want make the corners round and get rid of the white outline and make it a shadow

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I tried using roundify (a plugin) but the image just goes over my ui

You don’t have to use a roundify plugin to make rounded corners. Insert a UICorner inside it. For more info, check this post: UICorner [Live]


I added UiCorner it looks better!