How can I improve retention for my game?

I just made a game that spiked within the hour and is now falling just as fast. How can I improve retention so that people keep playing my game?


It doesnt seem like you work for any big goal. Thats one issue. Also this exact game has been made thousands of time so there’ll be way more competetion for this game.

I don’t want to sound rude, but I feel like making an original game would get far better retension


Do keep in mind that the reason why Last To Leave is difficult is due to the fact that participants have to physically survive through it.

  1. Include minigames that would make it challenging to remain within the circle.
  2. A hunger bar, a thirst bar, or a sanity bar.
  3. Tools that would push players out of the circle.

Engage with the community in the speed of its show. Make updates based on how quick your playerbase comes.

I can’t and shouldn’t spoonfeed you ideas, but these should get you back on track.


I played a round and it felt kind of aimless. Most of the disasters are very easy to survive if you stay on the rocks near the middle of the map; the only disasters that are really dangerous are the one that gives a player a sword and the ones that immediately eliminate a random player.

I think the two biggest issues with the gameplay at this point are that the circle shrinks too slowly (it even expands often) and there aren’t really any disasters that force you to run around and potentially leave the circle besides the aforementioned PvP one. I suggest you add more disasters that can threaten players who are standing on high ground (or under a roof) to discourage them from sitting in one spot for the whole game. Add some projectiles that fly around everywhere or characters who can chase players anywhere they try to hide so that there’s some constant tension.