How can I improve the exterior of this building?

I am making a tall squarish building but it looks really plain. I want to change it and beautify it but I don’t know where to start! Do you have any suggestions on what I could do?

Some screenshots:

(I’ll keep updating this building so stay tuned :P)


My suggestion is to add more shape to it, instead of just a rectangle, make it L shaped maybe. Also more windows and some bushes around the building.


Thank you. I need some sort of prompt because something just isn’t clicking for me to be honest. My builds usually end up like this

Well the building looks very simple you could add more color and some windows so that it gives more contour to your construction apart from that you could add more trees and put small details on the walls of the building like small sauteed bricks in short good job

Bigger windows and more glass windows, more unique shapes, add doors, make your building fit in with the surrounding environment, make the colors compliment each other better, just more attention to detail, interior also helps make the exterior look better if performed greatly.

Yeah, I feel like a squarish shape makes it feel too fake and boring. How could I make colors compliment each other especially with grays? I’ve always struggled with colors and matching.

Have the colors used not vary too far, like bright red with bright blue, nor would you want them to stay too close and alike, such as bright yellow, with somewhat bright yellow. Any colors that makes the terrain seem more appealing, there are a lot of things out there on the internet that blend other colors very well together.

Thanks. I’ll use all of this to improve it and hopefully soon I can post the updated version of my building!

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  • Add more windows, although be careful not to add too many.
  • Create some sort of roof, slope wise.
  • Detail the doors, add handles and outlines.
  • Outline the windows more.