How can I improve the monetization for my game?

I own a game called Find the Codes 2 which averages around 4K+ Concurrent
It has 3 gamepasses as shown below, a skip stage product worth 15 robux, and a reset all product worth 2000 robux.


However, my monetization stats are very low compared to most roblox games this size.

Could I maybe get some tips on how to improve the monetization for my game?


Your game is a really good idea and execution, nice job!
Regarding monetization, you could change how the buttons look, and move the skip stage button to the top and change the color to blue, so it’s always there as an option, I would personally add trails, easy to add and easy to sell.
I would put them at the start of every level or world.
And later remind the players every few levels.
You may need to make to stuff more clear and exciting, 0,0065 ROBUX per visit is way to low.