How can I improve the shooter?

Hello, can you advise how to improve the filling in FPS mode.
Maybe there are some gameplay or game design details that will easily make the mode better.

Maybe there are some tricks of map design, or animation? Well, or something like that.

Alright, going to start listing things as I encounter them.

  • DO NOT Use roblox fire, it looks trash.

  • The whole UI actually looks really good.

  • I dont think this is supposed to happen

  • Guns are held up wayy too high.

  • Scroll wheel weapon swapping, please?

  • The reload animations… arent even reload animations? Plus all weapons reload in the same time.

  • More arm movement would be nice, everything is just very static.

  • Looking down sights takes wayyy too long

  • The bullets travel VERY fast

  • The barrier work is pretty bad

  • The big tent doesnt interact with the bullets correctly

  • Tabbing out of the game causes the guns to constantly fire if you were holding down the left mouse button

  • Some camera feedback to using the knife would be nice, just having the camera rotate up and back down would be good.

  • The lighting is bad

  • Change the skybox

  • Disable shadows on the viewmodels

  • Why is this tank so oversized (Ive seen a tank in person, they ARE NOT that big, an adults head would be higher than the wheels)

  • Disable shift lock

  • Add leaning into the game, since the office map is very enclosed

  • Why are the lights on but not emitting any light?

  • I think you did datastores wrong, too. No one is in the game (Unless those are default numbers)

  • Add different guns.

  • Bad english here. Should be “Get a kill” or “Get your first kill”

  • Map design is alright, however considering the server size is 40 people, they are way too small for that number of players. I would put max 12 people in a sever on those maps.

  • Making the camera have noise based rotation on the menu would be cool.


Also, adding on:
For the viewmodels, just use an R6 rig, it looks 1,000 times better and is easier to animate.

Thanks for the criticism, corrected some points, corrected the database, and fixed bugs.