How can I improve these game passes? (Border Game)

I am working on a military border game for my group, I want your feedback on if these game passes are good or bad. I don’t want them to be P2W (Pay To Win) but not too cheap. Accepting all feedback on these!

1. Instant Citizen

Price: 15 :robux_light:

Description: You can spawn as a civilian without having to cross the border.

2. Raider

Price: 75 :robux_light:

Description: You can launch attacks on the border as a raider.

3. Raid Leader

Price: 200 :robux_light:

Description: Plan attacks and command the raiders.

Give me detailed feedback on how to improve these passes!

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MRPs are P2W and generic. It’s good. I would buy Raid leader if you have more than 30 players in the server.

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ok so make

these are if your game hits 1k+ MAU
Instance Citizen: 30 robux
Raider: 125 robux
Raid Leader: 250 robux
Instance Citizen: 20 robux
Raider: 100 robux
Raid Leader: 225 robux

I will take feedback from both posts and edit them accordingly.

How about you don’t add gamepasses at all :dark_sunglasses: